Airdrie Fencing

If you choose the right fence, install it properly, and look after it, you should only have to install one fence in your lifetime.

To achieve that, it’s important to understand your options and work with the right fencing company to get the job done properly.

Reliabuilt Fence and Deck is Airdrie’s premium fencing company. Whether you want to beautify your property, protect it, add privacy for your family, or simply demarcate the perimeter of a commercial or acreage property, we’ll help you select and install the right fencing solution.

Who is Reliabuilt Fence and Deck?

Reliabuilt Fence and Deck Ltd. is a locally owned and operated company specializing in standard and custom-built fences, decks and automated gates in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Our team was formed when a group of experienced fence and deck professionals decided that they wanted to provide better products and experiences for Calgary-based homeowners.

In all our fencing and decking construction projects, we value:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Short and efficient construction timelines
  • High quality

Our team combines the leading products in the industry with professional project management and exceptional client/contractor communications to deliver true value to Airdrie homes, commercial properties, and agricultural properties.

No two properties are the same. At Reliabuilt Fence and Deck, we offer custom fencing solutions using products that are the most durable, functional and attractive available for residents and business owners in the area.

What Airdrie fencing services does Reliabuilt provide?

Our fencing solutions are for homeowners, business owners, and farm/acreage property owners in Airdrie and the surrounding area.

With fencing that uses everything from traditional pressure-treated wood to customized ornamental materials and maintenance-free vinyl, you have a full range of choices available and access to an experienced professional team to advise you and install your fence.

Commercial fencing in Airdrie

Commercial property owners in Airdrie generally have different priorities than homeowners.

Often, appearance is less important, and security, safety, durability, and other functional factors are the primary concerns. Large linear footage of fencing may be required due to the larger size of commercial properties, so cost is nearly always an important factor.

Our professional fence builders specialize in helping commercial and industrial properties in Airdrie install the right type of fencing to meet their needs.

Modern, traditional and custom styles are available to suit your property, whether you’re seeking simple perimeter fencing for a factory, parking lot or storage facility or something designed for a particular type of enterprise, such as a horse breeding business.

Residential fencing in Airdrie

Residential fences are usually designed for privacy, security, and appearance. Other qualities like durability and low maintenance are often important to homeowners in Airdrie too.

Our residential fencing professionals will help you install the right type of fence to achieve each of your main priorities — keeping your kids and pets safe or adding curb appeal and value to your home before you put it on the market.

Getting the right advice upfront from our Airdrie fence builders can save you unnecessary expenses and headaches.

Farm and acreage fencing in Airdrie

For farms and acreage properties, the large linear footage of fencing required makes budget considerations extremely important.

Most property owners are looking for cost-effective solutions that effectively demarcate boundaries while providing security and durability…. and others that help separate or secure livestock or other farm animals.

Constructing acreage fencing can be challenging with Alberta’s various landscapes and harsh climate. We have considerable experience in helping acreage and farm owners in Airdrie choose and install the right fences.

This includes horse fences (post and wire/post and plank), game fences, fences for corrals and paddocks, and garden fencing.

What types of fences are available in Airdrie?

Homes, businesses and farms in Airdrie all have very different fencing requirements. To adequately meet these diverse needs means offering a large range of fencing options and providing advice to help select the right one.

Within the Reliabuilt collection, you will find everything from simple wood or chain link fences to indestructible and maintenance-free vinyl fencing, beautiful cedar fencing, elaborate ornamental fencing, and other custom designs available on request.

Wood fencing in Airdrie

The timeless beauty of traditional wooden fencing lives on in Airdrie homes, businesses, industrial areas, and agricultural properties. Our wooden fences are pressure-treated for extra durability and come in a variety of designs, styles, colours, finishes, and treatments. The traditional vertical design remains popular, but perhaps you would prefer horizontal planks or something more rural like post and rail fencing,

Vinyl fencing in Airdrie

Vinyl technology has improved to such an extent that it can closely resemble natural wood fencing. While it is slightly more expensive than wood, vinyl is popular for home or business owners looking for an affordable, highly durable, maintenance-free fence (no weather-proofing is required). It is also considered an environmentally friendly option.

Chain link fencing in Airdrie

Chain link fencing is available as galvanized or vinyl-coated steel chain links. It can be used for more than the perimeters of tennis and basketball courts and is surprisingly strong, affordable, and low-maintenance. Because it does not obstruct the view, it is popular in public areas, but it can also be used for dog runs or yards where privacy is not required and for the perimeters of large commercial properties or construction sites.

Ornamental fencing in Airdrie

As well as adding to the aesthetics of a property with timeless elegance, ornamental fencing is probably the strongest, toughest, and most durable of all fence types — especially in the harsh Airdrie climate. Every ornamental fence comes with a 25+ year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about replacing yours. Its traditional wrought-iron beauty looks great in business settings, retail outlets, residence buildings, government facilities, and homes.

Wire fences in Airdrie

Whether you need galvanized barbed wire or a page wire fence for your Airdrie farm or acreage property, wire fences are highly cost-effective and durable. If you don’t need an entire fence made of barbed wire, it can be installed at the top of a chain link fence for added security for a business or construction site.

Automated gates in Airdrie

Our fencing professionals can also advise you on the installation of automated gates for your commercial property, warehouse or industrial yard in Airdrie. These gates are lightweight and affordable yet surprisingly strong and reliable, protecting properties from unwanted intruders and effectively controlling access.

The team of fencing professionals at Reliabuilt can look after every stage of your fencing project, from design to installation. Contact us today for an estimate – it’s FREE and always will be.

Agricultural Fence

Wherever you are based, our crews are familiar with the various landscapes that Alberta is known for. We can advise you on the right agricultural fencing option to meet your needs.


Commercial Fencing

We offer a wide variety of commercial fencing options, from chain link to wood, vinyl and ornamental fencing. Whether you need fencing for parking lots or commercial storage, we’ve got you covered!


Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is naturally durable, resistant and requires the lowest-maintenance among all fence types. Vinyl also stands up robustly to the Calgary climate, meaning no weather-proofing is required.


Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fencing doesn’t just look great. It probably the strongest, toughest, and most durable of all fence types. With a 25+ year warranty, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for the next few decades.


Wood Fence

The classic and timeless beauty of wood is alive and well. Its versatility with a large range of designs, styles, colours, finishes, and treatments makes it one of the most popular fencing options in Calgary.


Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are among the easiest and most affordable to install and require minimal maintenance. It is a popular option for high-use public areas and sports facilities where it takes a battering.


Why Choose Reliabuilt?


Build it once and build it right. Our installation experts have the skills and experience required.

5-Year Warranty

Our five-year workmanship warranty is one of the most generous warranties in the industry.

Stay Informed

Because of our enhanced communication skills, you stay informed every step of the way.

Add value and functionality to your home or business

Whether you are after secure perimeter fencing, an ornamental touch to the front of your house, an automated gate, or a decking area that adds functionality and value to your home, our team at Reliabuilt can make it happen.

We have installed hundreds of fences and decks around the Calgary area for all sorts of purposes. This is why we are confident enough to offer an industry-best five-year workmanship warranty on all of our fences.

Take a look at our gallery and get inspired by some design ideas


Client Testimonials

Relia-Built worked on my fence this past season and I am overwhelmed with the professionalism and quality of the work. They were respectful, listened to my needs and worked with me. I’m very pleased with the finished product and will be recommending this company to everyone!
Connor came out and visited our Calgary home this past fall and I am thrilled with the service and quality of the product delivered. Connor was detailed, adapted to my needs and guided me to the most suitable product. I’m pleased and highly recommend Relia-Built Fence and Deck to all.
Great product and excellent service! Relia-Built gave us a detailed, professional quote and the fence was built on time and on budget. Staff from the office to the building crew were all great to deal with. We would definitely recommend Relia-Built to anyone looking for a “Reliable” fencing contractor!
Our estimates are FREE – and always will be.