How Long Does It Take to Build a FenceIn Calgary, fence builders must contend with the fact that the ground may be permanently frozen for months – but we’re used to working around that.

Other factors besides weather can lead to delays in constructing a fence.

So, how long should it take to build a fence?

How much depends on the type of fence you want to build?

Which other factors apart from climatic conditions can blow out your fence-building timeline?

These questions and more are answered below.

Standard fence installation times

Most home, business or acreage property owners who decide to build a fence need it yesterday!

Realistically, there is a thorough process that needs to be followed before breaking ground on your new fence. There can be no corner-cutting.

Once you book your fence installers for a convenient date and start work on your fence, though, you should not have to wait more than a few days before it is complete.

With Relia-Built Fencing, once you approve our quotation (our quotes are FREE and always will be), we will provide you with an accurate timeline for installation.

At the busiest times of year (spring, summer generally), the delay to start the job may get pushed out a little but it won’t impact the time it takes to complete it once started.

Some contractors promise a “two-to-three-day job” but the installation days can be spread over weeks – posts one day, rails a week later and gates a week after that. With us, installations are completed in a one-time slot.

So, most residential fences can be completed in a day or two after the start date while larger-scale projects for businesses or farms may take a few days.

What type/size of fence are you installing?

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We build fences of all sizes and types but by nature, they involve slightly different installation times. After all, almost every fence is a custom project that delivers a unique construction for any home, business, or farm.

Following are some estimated daily installation targets for different types of fences:

These are only rough estimates and times will be influenced by other factors. However, you get the general idea: agricultural fences are generally the easiest to install and the most difficult are wooden residential fences.

As a guide, an average-sized yard in Calgary requires between 75 and 150 feet of fencing.

Let’s say your yard requires 150 feet of fence. Using the above guidelines, a 150-feet ornamental, chain link or vinyl fence might take between one and two days with normal ground conditions, while a wooden fence might take between two and three days.

Other key considerations for your fence installation timeline

The following are the other main considerations when you are considering a timeline for the completion of your fencing project.

  • What is the terrain like?

    A yard with rocky ground involves harder work when installing a fence.

    For safety, strength and durability, fence posts must be installed to a certain depth in the ground. Digging through rocks, boulders, concrete, tree roots, or clay deposits takes considerably longer than digging through soft earth.

  • What level of customization/design complexity is required?

    If you want a completely customized fence, extra time will be required to create the panels – adding time to your fencing project as well as expense.

    Likewise, if your design involves multiple gates or other non-standard features, expect it to take longer than a simple fence.

  • Do you need to remove an existing fence?

    Time will be added to the project if old fence posts need to be removed before work can begin on the new fence.

    Sometimes, fence posts snap off at the base and require a jackhammer to remove the below-the-ground bases.

  • What are the weather conditions?

    There’s nothing anybody can do about a freak cold snap, blizzards, storms or torrential rain.

    We are used to the cold in Alberta but extreme unseasonal weather conditions can severely delay plans for your new fence. A nice sunny day with good ground conditions is likely to be a very productive one for your fencing team.

  • Delays in delivery of materials

    If your project requires special materials (other than the standard wood, vinyl, ornamental or chain link fencing) you may have to wait for these to be ordered and delivered to your fencing company.

  • The location of your property

    If you’re based in the city of Calgary (and surrounding towns), travel time should be negligible. However, if you own a rural property requiring a long journey for the team, this could add to the installation timeline.

  • Unknowns – like COVID-19!

    Sometimes, unexpected events take everyone by surprise. Who’d have thought we would have been stuck in our homes with the kids off school while COVID-19 spread like wildfire?

    Major crises like this are rare but when they happen, they cause unexpected delays to all sorts of construction projects.

How can you speed up an installation?

There are a few simple measures that a home or business owner can take to ensure that the fence installation is not delayed. These include:

  • Moving obstacles away from the fence line as much as possible
  • Leaving around two feet of space (minimum) on either side of where the fence will be installed
  • Cutting back vegetation if it is in the fence line
  • Your fencing company should organize a professional to visit your property before the installation date to mark your yard so that utility lines can be avoided during digging.

If not, check with your company that this has been taken care of. At Relia-Built Fencing, it is part of the pre-installation process that we handle.

We will also advise you on whether you need any building permits for your fence. Most residential fences in Calgary do not need a permit if they remain under 6’ tall. We advise all clients of the regulations to avoid delays.

What installation time can you expect from Relia-Built?

Most of our customers want a reliable, durable, good-looking fence more than they want a quick fence!

You probably won’t want to install more than one or two fences in your lifetime, so it pays to do it right. That’s the priority.

At the same time, nobody wants a fence installation project to drag on. Our team will complete the job as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your new fence with the minimum of disruption to your daily life.

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